Plastic packaging should be how to choose?

2023-10-19 10:29

Plastic packaging is widely used in modern life, and there are many kinds of plastic packaging on the market, so how to choose plastic packaging?

1) Look at the appearance. The appearance of qualified plastic packaging must be complete and undamaged, and there must be clear manufacturer information, material information, and use marks. The arrow triangle on the package and the number inside represent the plastic material used in this package. For example, No. 5 represents PP polypropylene. The plastic package of this material can be safely put into the microwave oven.

2) Smell the smell. Regular plastic packaging has no peculiar smell. If you smell bad smell or pungent smell, it means that toxic additives are used or they are re-synthesized from recycled waste and cannot be used for packaging food.

3, looking for impurities. Put the plastic packaging in a light environment to observe, if it is inferior products, most of the black dots can see the impurities.

4, feel. The surface of high-quality plastic packaging is smooth and flat, and the toughness can be clearly felt when pulled slightly, while the surface of inferior plastic packaging is rough and uneven, and it is easy to deform or even damage after being stressed.

5, pick the design. High-level plastic packaging manufacturers can not only ensure quality, but also invest a lot of effort in design. The design style of the packaging bag must meet the packaging requirements of the product, and it must be able to attract the attention of consumers. Excellent packaging design can greatly improve the sales of products.