3 Tips for Printing Design Color

2023-10-19 10:31

Whether it is graphic design or web design, color is always the most important part. When we are far away from the display screen, what we see is not a beautiful layout or a beautiful picture, but the color of the web page.

There are many principles about color, here we can not elaborate one by one, we can look at the relevant design books, is conducive to systematic understanding. Here we just want to tell you some tips when the page color.

1. Use a color. This means that a color is selected first, and then the transparency or saturation is adjusted. This kind of page looks uniform in color and has a sense of hierarchy.

2. Use two colors. First choose a color, then choose its contrast color.

3. Use a color system. Simply put, it is to use a feeling of color, such as light blue, light yellow, light green; or earth yellow, earth gray, earth blue. In the web color matching, but also remember some mistakes:

Do not use all colors, try to control within three to five colors.

2. The contrast between the background and the previous article should be as large as possible (never use complicated patterns as the background) to highlight the main text content.