Take off the handle on the rice bag and put it at home for many uses. Don't throw it away with the rice bag again.

2023-10-19 10:32

At ordinary times, we always carry a handle on the rice bag, so when we carry it, it is not only labor-saving but also convenient. when the rice is finished, many people will throw away the rice bag directly. next time, remember to take off the handle on the bag separately and leave it at home. leaving it at home can bring a lot of convenience to the family and solve the problems that often pervex in life. come and have a look with xiaobian quickly ~

Use a: do plastic bag handle

After removing the handle, it can be used as a plastic bag handle. We usually go shopping and buy too many things. If carrying plastic bags is tiring and we can wrap the handle on the rice bag around the plastic bag, so we can save a lot of effort when carrying it.

Use two: hanging towel

The bathroom in the home will be pasted with some sticky hooks. The towel can be hung on it for us to use at any time. If the towel is too large and thick, it will often fall off the sticky hooks. We can hang the towel on the handle of the rice bag, and then hang the handle on the sticky hooks, so we don't have to worry about the towel falling off easily.

Purpose three: do drawer handle

Some drawers in the living room cabinet have no handles. Although this simple design looks very fresh, it is not convenient for us to pull it. We can fix the rice bag handle to the drawer with hot melt glue, which makes it easy for us to pull the drawer closed.